giovedì 20 luglio 2017

On my summer wishlist: Black Dress Maxi.

Good morning beauty,
today on my blog I want to talk to talk to you about one of the must-haves that in my opinion, summer or winter that will be, will never go out of fashion. How many of us, when they do not know what to put, opt for a simple BLACK dress that always saves us from every situation? Black as well as slimmer (so they say), it also helps us when we want to wear a bit of color in accessories (handbags, jewelery, shoes) without ever exaggerating. Also, if the dress is of the beautiful and fresh ones, we will live this summer in comfort. So why not opt ​​for a Black Dress Maxi?

But.. what models can we find on the web?

We have beach patterns, practical to wear and ideal as a cover-costume but above to all to never miss your fashion side on the beach. This's for example a model that can be opened and modelable to your liking.

Available HERE

For those who prefer to feel free and with the desire to show their own costume without going unnoticed, I recommend this cool and ideal head for any physicality.

Available HERE.

Among other models of Black Maxi Dress there's obviously elegant one.

For example, this's one of my favourites, I like the floreal fantasy, the V neckline and the gap that shows the leg; ideal for a romantic night or an elegant disco.

Available HERE.

If you prefer to stay more casual but without losing the glam touch, I recommend this practical and simple dress, ideal to wear with a pair of low sandals just like the model.

Available HERE.

And for those low ones like me who instead would want to slide their legs off? For this case I want to talk to you about Midi Dress!
These types of dresses are the ideal for any kind of stature, no matter what they are called 'middle'. I show to you my fav:

This's definitely in my TOP 3. Simple and light colors, ideal for any kind of days. I think it is suitable for these summer evenings that pass from cold to hot.

Available HERE.

Another of my favourite midi for the colour, the fabric but above all the gap on the leg which, in my opinion, make it very sexy.

Available HERE.

For those who don't want to go unnoticed, I recommend this dress. I really like the colour and especially the chest, very particular and fashionable.

Available HERE.

Those who don't want to give up elegance and especially love the lace like me, I recommend this wonderful piece. Ideal for weddings and elegant parties.

Available HERE.

What do you think of this little but intense wishlist of Black Dress Maxi and Midi Dress?

I remind you that you will find the links of the bosses next to each photo and beyond that I have presented to you, you will find many other models. But this is not over; In fact for you I have a good surprise ..

Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!

Discover the new summer arrivals and take advantage with the discount code: ZFEN 
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Enter HERE and enjoy IT!


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