lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

InstaWEEK #15

Salve bellezze,
mancano ancora due giorni al Natale e io non vedo l'ora di stare con la mia famiglia, dare e ricevere i vari regali e divertirmi aspettando il Capodanno.
Nel frattempo, eccovi una serie di foto direttamente dal mio Instagram di cui vi ricordo il mio nickname: @chimerafenty.

ENG: Hello beauties,
there are still two days at Christmas and I can not wait to be with my family, giving and receiving various gifts and fun waiting for the New Year.
In the meantime, here's a series of photos directly from my Instagram of which I remember my nickname: @chimerafenty.
Enjoy them!

My little dog Tequila - Tattoo in progress - Absolutely yes! - Cupcakes.

Object of desire - Me and Lalla - Kiss from my bf - Little turtle.

First chocolate for me - Christmas tree - Gift from my friend - New high heels.

First exam - My new Nike Blazer - Christmas nails - Mexican food.

My new sweatshirt and necklace from Romwe - New fluo hat - New sweatshirt from FrontRowShop.


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